Find Your True North

Kompass kombucha has that same bold outward inspiration to bring new flavor combinations to surprise the palate. When you’re looking for something special to celebrate those adventures in your journey, it bubbles from the bottle with effervescent energy. We like introducing newcomers to  kombucha, often showcasing the Northland’s bounty of fruits, herb, and vegetables. We source fresh, naturally grown or foraged ingredients to create a refreshing healthy sparkling beverage that refreshes, energizes and satisfies.

Come and experience a Kompass Kombucha tasting at The Enchanted Barn:


The Art of Tasting




Explore. Dream. Discover.


Words from the Founders

We chose the compass in our Logo for it’s sense of direction while looking to adventure, navigating  the unknown. Just the imagery of a compass speaks of going forward, being on the move, somewhere, “out there”, the unknown trail or course. A compass doesn't tell you where you are, it shows where you can go. The slender arms swing around and point outward to possibilities, while keeping your reference point fixed. Then you can wander,  explore with purpose, a new story to make your own. It's about looking out, beyond your backyard to find “Your true north”. This was the restless impetus behind our partnership; to seek, to venture, to go beyond.

Come taste and get recklessly addicted to something healthy that will prolong your happy life!

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We're going places. If you'd like to know more about Kompass Kombucha, fill in the blanks and we'll keep you in the loop. 

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